Whorearchy is the idea that the closer a sex worker is to direct contact with clients and cops, the more of a true whore they really are. Maggie McNeill and the Misandry Mermaid have discussed the negative effects that the divisive nature of the whorearchy has on social justice movements for sex workers. The argument goes like this: Outsiders to the […]

“It’s a dance pole not a stripper pole.” “It’s a sport!” “It’s called pole fitness.” “No, no, no. It’s not like what you think at all.” I use to say this sort of thing a lot when I first started pole dancing. Then I started creating porn in a variety of ways, and I started to re-think […]

We were waking up at an obscenely early hour to catch our respective flights out of Berlin. The man whose flat it was, a friend of my friend, had told us to wake him up before we left so he could call a cab and say a proper goodbye. Sometime around 5am we knocked on […]