The introduction post that every blog needs…

We were waking up at an obscenely early hour to catch our respective flights out of Berlin. The man whose flat it was, a friend of my friend, had told us to wake him up before we left so he could call a cab and say a proper goodbye. Sometime around 5am we knocked on his door. A few seconds later he greeted us, completely nude, save for a well-polished ball stretcher wrapped around his scrotum. Does he know? I wondered. After all it is really early. He’ll realize his mistake in a moment. In the meantime- don’t look at his balls. He immediately pulled my friend into a tight, somewhat melancholy hug and remarked on how the trip had been too short. He then turned around and disappeared back into his room. Okay he’s figured it out. Surely he’s going to put on pants before he hugs me, I thought.



A moment later he was back in the hallway wrapping me tightly in a hug as well with no obvious change in his state of dress. We called a cab, had a coffee, and sat around chatting while we waited for our ride.


Is this my new normal? This is my new socially acceptable, I thought, while trying to ignore the light catching the stretcher and glancing off of his testicles. More chatter, invites to return whenever we’d like, the phone rings, another hug, and we’re hopping in a cab. This morning marked the end of a one-week Japanese rope bondage workshop that contained a whole lot of personal growth and new experiences. It was also an early landmark in what has been the development of a very new and very interesting “normal.”


So welcome to this interesting new chapter that I’m just beginning to explore myself, and welcome to my blog- where you can explore it with me (seriously- I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave comments if you feel at all compelled)! I’m a rope bondage enthusiast and generally kinky person, a sex worker, outspoken/ranty feminist, an American living abroad, and a student in a Human Rights program. There’s a lot more than that as well, and I’m sure all of that will come up in time. I hope to use this blog to work through these new, exciting, and sometimes seemingly contradictory facets of my life, seeing them as parts of a whole that get tied together nicely in a tidy little package. This blog is my attempt at doing so. I don’t really fancy myself a writer, and so this blog is also an attempt at navigating away from my comfort zone (call it masturbatory emotional masochism). Here we go!


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