Welcome to my blog!

This “about” section will be in constant flux, but at the moment I’m a student and a sex worker; a rope bondage performer and circus arts aerialist; an ethical, slutty hedonist (in the best way); an activist who likes her activism informed by good feminism; a feminist who likes her feminism informed by queer theory; a femme-y queer woman in a heterosexual relationship (battling straight-passing privilege and guilt). My life tends to be quite compartmentalized, but this corner of the internet will not be. This is a place to explore what happens when these facets of my life nudge, bump, or collide into each other. This is also why the blog is anonymous-ish (though you’re probably all friends to some degree of separation reading this, so it’s maybe a mute point).

I hope you enjoy reading! I hope that if you find anything thought provoking that you’ll comment, or even better get in touch via the contact page and share your thoughts.

Credit for the header image goes to the very talented IsobelWilliams 

If you’re curious about the title of the blog, read this poem. I kinda love it 🙂



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